Friday, February 10, 2006

give up on me?? SHAME 

well here i am, i had a chance to post. I cant belive it!!! Its only because I have been off of work cuz I have been sick (bleeuck)!!

Friday, September 02, 2005


it is so surreal that we moved from NOLA about 3 weeks ago. It is crazy to see the damage and the streets being more like canals. It is crazy to see all the families that are just stranded. I hope all will be praying for the people that are in the gulf coast area.

Monday, August 08, 2005

its oh so quiet.... 

it has been quite a while since my last blog. Basically this summer i have worked in the security department and really loved it, but now the wife and I are pulling up stakes and heading to sunny florida. Im not sure how much blog time i will have but hopefully i can find a cool internet cafe until i get internet at our new apartment. I am reading a cool book now called Blue Like Jazz. Its about Christian Spirituality and it makes a lot of good comments about faith and stuff. Well i better get moving, we are going to be moving on friday


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

the rainbow connection 

well...here we are 1 month and a week or so removed from my last blog. I am not that much smarter a few pounds heavier and really tired. No one really knows how to keep score in life. I mean when do you tell if you are winning or losing. I don't mean like the ultimate questions and all that jazz, i dont mean the oversimplified, "well as long as you serve God" bit. I mean what does a life well lived look like. What does is sound like when played on the guitar. Does the melody have familiar tones, does the beat slow down then crescendo. Is there any music at all? What am I talking about this nonesense for? Vanity... Vanity...

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Remember me? 

I have had a good week this week. It had started off a little rough. (well i consider this past weekend to be the beginning of the week) I was at a wedding, the operative word is at because I certainly was not IN the wedding. i mean i was in the program and i was supposed to be an usher, but really i was sweating real hard on the side while everybody else had their part. Oh well, I got to see my clubmates and that was well worth it. While we were there i stumbled upon the Gorillaz (sp?) anyways it was kind of a little groovy, so i have been listening via yahoo radio since i dont have an ipod or anything trendy. (but i do drink coffee only for the sake of being trendy)

I have been learning the art of patience thru my new job. It is funny how many of us try and zoom our way thru the days (hoping for 5:00), but in my job that kind of thinking will drive you crazy. See you really have to relish the minutes or you will find yourself feeling trapped. I think in that same way we should see life. I mean if we are so far off in the future or trying to rush we might really miss the goodies that God has sitting right in front of our faces... Be still...

Thursday, May 19, 2005

on the road 

well this weekend the wifey and i are taking the show on the road. We are meeting up with the club 315ers (oh yeah we are going to some wedding too. pthbbt!!==noise you make when you put your tongue between your lips and blow) Yeah, I am excited to see how the ol' BCMers are doing, and it will be a fun filled trip, but im mostly excited to see my clubmates. Im really glad that Slyvy and his Family Soph are moving on up (to the South by Southwest, but its really west by west by south... side DOH?!?) yeah so we will leave tommorow and make it in time to mess up the BCMers rehearsal and then order two really expensive plates at the rehearsal dinner and then say that we arent really that hungry because we ate McDonalds right before we got there and then ask if we can say something about the couple that is getting married and say something like "I was gonna say something nice and/or funny, but I dont really like to make stuff up so i guess ill sit down.PTHBBT!!" then we will run outta the room, and order some munchalotas...to go... with extra expensive sauce... and im tired...(I dare you to read that part over again in a Storngbad voice, youll be laugh you did!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

so hawd. 

well day three of the security job. i am in love with being the short arm of the long arm of the law. I never knew how fun sitting around and watching for perps would be. Ask me how many perps ive seen since i started? ask me? you wanna know? 0 (Zero). Man i might just call in a bomb threat from the payphone to get some action. Ill probably get got by the CIA for saying bomb on the internet. I was just kidding. geez CIA. I am on your side. See the SECURITY iron-on badge with the mean looking eagle on it? anyways this has been a really kewl job and I feel really hawd.
I decided IM going to call enchiladas munchalotas. I made some the other day and i ate so much, SO im gonna call 'em munchalotas... mmm mmm munchalotas. not that that has to do with my security job except that i dream of munchalotas while im at work....so hawd...

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