Wednesday, December 31, 2003


getting closer to 2thousand and 4 !! By the time I get back it will probably be near 12:00 so i wanted to holler at everybody and tell them HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Get down, git down, git dahn tonite baby!!

Everybody get crunk for the new year!! 2003 is gone and 2004 is gonna be the greatest year yet.(oops i think i pooped my pants) Have a great one!!! peace

"...so Hallelujah, Hallelujah.." 

Well today my wife comes back!! Hooray!! IM so glad, now I have my best friend back. I don't care how cheesie it sounds. Guys who arent best friends with their wives get divorces. Anyways, she comes in tonite, its kinda weird since its new years and all, but I don't feel like celebrating much unless my wife is here.

Today Im going into town to see if I can find her a welcome home present. Also cliff's birthday is tommorow too. I don't have much money left but maybe I can find something. Anyways I wish that all will have a safe and happy new year. Don't do anything I wouldn't do (wink, wink)

Monday, December 29, 2003

"sitting off in a room" 

bored, bored, bored. well i guess i have not much to do if i am rambling off on my blog, so here i am rambling off again. Just wanted to for every one else to share in the boredom!!

"you bring the potato chips, i'll bring the hot sauce" 

I slept until 10:30 today!!! This has been another good day. I have not done anything, well i cleaned my room and played 3 madden games. But not else has transpired these past few hours. I am growing out my fingernails so I can scratch things. I thought maybe I could use them like weapons. You know like the dudes in the kung-fu movies. They always have some dude with long fingernails that does the tiger claw thing and he beats everybody up until he has to face Bruce Lee. And in the final scene the tiger claw dude cuts up Bruce Lee really bad but then ends up getting his butt kicked...wait I dont want to be the guy who gets his but kicked at the end of the movie. I guess Ill go cut my nails.....

This bowl season has been a major dissapointment. None of the bowls look any good. Well maybe Michigan and USC. But LSU?? I know those jerks will proabably end up winning the championship and I will have to listen to all these idiots rant on about it in their drunken stupers for the next 11 months. I am lighting candles and hoping that LSU will not win. Its really lame because Louisiana only has one major college and all their idiot atheletes who scored 11 on their ACT, wait that's being generous, could only make it into LSU. If the best football states, Texas, California, and Florida were to only have one school, they would wipe the floor with everyone else. But alas...it is not to be (just like a playoff system).

Anyways that was my flagrant complaint about LSU football. I guess I wouldnt be so irate about it if i didnt have to listen to these people 24/7. At least the Saints suck, or Id be hearing even more gibberish. Who do I like. I like Texas, but they will never get anywhere is Mack Brown doesn't pull his head out of you know where. They bad part of it is were stuck playing Wash St. when UT beat Kansas St. Granted OU handed UT its jock strap, but I saw that game and it was entirely Mack Brown.
See this is when they weren't sure about who(Young or Mock) to start and all that jazz. It was really the first game Vince saw more action than a few series.

Oh well I guess thats the way the cookie crumbles, especially when it's all about money.... I still miss my wife, but she's coming in on Wednesday..(Hooray!!) yup....

Sunday, December 28, 2003

"put that bump up in your eye" 

Well another Lord's day has come and went. Not to much excitement was had today, just a little eatin and a little nappin. You know all the things lazy Sunday's are made of. This is the third day that my wife is outta town. Im really bored, there's not a whole lot to do that doesnt involve spending money. I have already spent like half my Christmas money yo.

Not much else went on today, just the looming feeling that this semester is going to be even harder than the last. Okay Im so bored I dont want to write anymore.. Love you babe and miss you....peace

Saturday, December 27, 2003

"funky like pooper scoop" 

Today was one of those lazy days that are worth every lazy minute. I tried to think as little as possible today. I just passively watched TV and then I passively play some John Madden football. I don't even remember the game. We went to a place called the goal post, but it was closed so then we went to the old standby and it was way good!! I had a cheese burger and chili fries (im SO FAT!! oh SO FAT FAT FAT FATFACE AAAAAAAAAyyyyyyyeeeeeeeaaaa). Where did that come from.

Chris and I watched "Snatch" today. It is one of my favorite reels. It is nothing compared to all the flicks out now-a-days but when it came out it was one of the coolest, so I give it credit and enjoy the story. I just like all the English accents. I wish I could speak like those people. Every time I try I sound really stupid, not at all like Tommy or Brick top or Sol. Anyways, if I could be anybody in the movie I would be bullet-tooth Tony. I dont know why. He dies in the movie, but he looks kinda like my father in-law and he's cool, so Tony is cool.

Anyways, Ill never be able to speak English, but they'll never be able to speak like us either. I was arond some English folk and they were trying to imitate our accent here in the states. It was nasty, they sounded like a cross between a retarded John Wayne and the Waterboy. anyways we are about to go out to eat, so peace..

Baby if you are out there...I really do miss you...and I love you!!Come home to me!!!! (sappy i know, but whats a guy gonna do?) and then............Im out!

Yeah boy, yeah yeah boy!! 

yeah boyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Friday, December 26, 2003

"Slammin' Cadillac doors" 

Gooooooooood morning 315. The most wonderful time of the year has come and past, so now its back to business. ("what business??" you ask). The business that boys do on their days off SILLY! (What was that?) Anyways today Chris and I are headed into the metroplex for some sales. There is a place called game trader where there are old SNES games for sale. I'm really stoked because we dug up Chris's old SNES and I've been playing Super Metroid. I'm hoping to find Super Tecmo Bowl or maybe an early John Madden or something like that. I like sports games better than RPG's, but whatever I can find under $20 I will be happy with.

This is the second day my wife has been gone. I miss the heck outta that little filly. Yesterday seemed like an eternity. Not just because of the distance between me and the wifey (but it was mostly you princess.) but because I had been up since 4:30 in the morning. Now, for you folks that still get up at 5:00AM for fun you don't count. But to the rest of us that should be pretty early. Yes, I was tired and grumpy for Christmas, but who cares?? I drowned myself in gravy and ham surfacing momentarily just to gasp for air and ask, "Can some one pass the pepper?".

So, yesterday I slid back the belt one notch and commited the sin of gluttony to the point of denouncing my faith. But it is nothing like I used to eat. I remember how my brother and I would consume amounts of food that were borderline abberant. I remember my brother consumed 31 pieces of pizza in one sitting. I can see you imagining a burly man, belly spilling over onto his britches, but my brother was of normal stature, about 5' 9" and 170 lbs. And I was in better shape back then too.. Crazy huh?? And together we could consume enough food for small countries.

How the heck did I get to that story?? I'm sure that was one that delighted all who read it.. Sorry about that . Anyways like I said we are headed to the mall in a while and we are gonna do some mad get down , turn around, drop it like its hot, wobbledy wobble crazy shoppin. (i.e. walk in the store go get what we need and get out...estimated time 4 minutes 37 seconds) Yes, ladies all men are that precise..


Thursday, December 25, 2003

"Might as well have fun" 

Christmas day a day of food laughter and........boredom?? Thats right I'm bored outta my wits. I just sat thru that Mtv Kung Fu movie and I tried to learn some moves off the internet, but Im just a fat lazy American. I cant do that...So now I'm sitting here icing my groin from the attempted split kick. Ok i'm lying, but Im so bored!!!!!! Im just trying to write about something.........something........something.........nothing......

"We'll tiptoe to the sun" 

Well I just dropped off the wifey at the airport, and even after a 2 1/2 years its still is hard to see her leave. If it werent so early and our eyes we so dry we might've lost it there, but it will take a while to set in since we got up way before God did this morning.

Im sure she is waiting to get on board right now. I love to fly, but its all the darned waiting that stinks. One day flying will be like catching a cab and away you go.....but until then we have Delta. Its so quiet early in the morning. I know I ought to get up early more often but the bed also feels the best in the morning. What am i driveling on about..Im going back to sleep. Miss you already honey...

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

"Uno, dos, tres it's on.." 

Well it's Christmas eve and we did all the Christmas eve stuff we do. Its definately different here at the in-law's but they make it really comfortable for me which is a blessing. I am one of the lucky few that has really great in-laws. I do miss the folks but they got thanksgiving and my birthday this year. Thats the thing about getting older, things get a bit more complicated, but they work themselves out.

We opened our presents tonighte since the wife is going to Florida. She's going to visit her best friend. People freak out when they find out my wife is going to Florida on Christmas, but its the only time we could book a flight for her. She needs the girl time. (Big ups to Mandy!!) I don't mind so everyone can bugger off. Me and Chris went shopping today downtown, what a fiasco... but we did get to eat and we scored Thrice's CD "illusion of safety". For anybody that hasn't heard of Thrice look up on the top left of this page and go to their website. They are an excellent emo-core band. Good songwriting.

Anyways, its good to have a few days off here before I go to school in the spring. Its like the calm before the storm. Well Im tired now, I think Ill go to sleep.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

"Big time attitude" 

The 315 reunion was a great success. Fun times all around. Anyways me and Whytemike kicked it for a while and just spent most of the time being stupid, which is what we do best. Thursday we went and ate dinner at the bus driver's party. Whytemike is a basketball coach but he also is a sub for the bus-drivers at school too. They had some good grub and gave Whytemike (WM) some spending money, so it was worth it.
Friday we just lazed around, well I did WM had one more day of finals to deal with. He got off early and we hit the 'hoo early. That night we tried to watch this bootleg dvd of Ali-G but it never works when Im there. And again it refused to play so i did not get to enjoy the comedy of Ali-G. Too bad. (but we watched some Family Guy which made up for it).

Saturday we trekked down to H-Tahn and tried to see how much trouble we could get into in a short period of time. We succeeded. Saturday felt like three days and a half. We met a pro football player while we were at...Bennigan's, but neither of us knew who he was. I think he was kinda dejected that no one really cared who he was. Oh well..

Sunday we saw "The Return of the King". It was a great flick and just as impressive as the other two. We stopped by his new place. (Actually its still being built.) It will be ready before the wedding takes place. That's right Whytemike is finally settling down! It is strange to think that we have crossed over into adulthood. It is to laugh.

Anyways Im sorry I had to write so much, but unfortunately WM does not have web access at his house, because its in a cave. So not all the stuff I wanted to say but probably way too much to read. Oh well...

Thursday, December 18, 2003

"And the whole world" 

This is my first blog. I decided to make a blog in tribute of Club 315. Club 315 is not a formal establishment, it is just the place in the past where we spent the best time of our young adult lives. Anyways this goes out to Whytemike, Slyvy, and Kentopolis. (Wycoff is still on probation pending dismissal). Anyways Im making the trek back in time this weekend visiting old clubmates and hopefully forming some new ones too. Me and Whytemike are going to paint the town red and probably get on the mic too. Anyways Im out....

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