Friday, March 19, 2004

....para la espinacas!! 

I did it all for the spinach... things sound so much cooler in other languages. Like "spinach". The word is so ugly in english, but in spanish it is "espinacas" (pronounced ess-pee-nah-kahs) . That is tight. You could be telling someone, "back off my espinacas". Or "I don't know where it came from but I bet it was espinacas". You could tell your homeboys, "check out the espinacas." like it was some kind of code, but really your just talking about spinach.... yeah.. yeah.. say it slowly e---s---p--i---n--a--c--a--s. It rhymes with "caca" "or maracas"

You could use whatever word you want in whatever language you choose (except for "uber" that term has been WAY over done) You can go to alta-vista.com and go to the translator if you dont know any languages. Or you can be like Tolkien and make up your own words, but more than likely it wont be that funny. But, you may be a funny person. So if you want to take the risk, be my guest but don't say I told you to do it, because then people will blame me for your lack of funny-ness.....hmmmm

Anyways go have fun because to day is Fri-iye--iye--day!! Go get your swerve on

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

"..and sheperds we shall be..." 


It's St. Patrick's day!! This is a huge club 315 holiday! Since I'm dead broke I probably won't do as much this year, but I certainly will be celebrating in my heart. Most 315'ers watch The Boondock Saints while drinking a pint or two of your favorite ale. But since I neither have access to the pint or two and i lost my copy of boondock in the move ,(which im hoping target will have) this St. Patrick's day is going to be pretty dull. But for those of you 315 folk out there that can get stupid, please do.

You see there's only so much time left in this crazy world and in club 315 then, life happens. You get older and a bit slower, but your heart is always in the right place. So if I can't do it you can go and do it and CLub 315 will live on. That's right we need to pass the club on to future generations. See kids these days don't know about the love, they do it all for hype. We need to help the gifted few keep the love. So keep it real!! 315 for life!!

....do you have the constitution and depth of faith to take it as far as necessary??

Monday, March 15, 2004

Happy 315 Everybody!! 

well its three fifteen today!!! This day is set aside for all the club 315'ers out there. So go grab a pint and shake it like a polaroid picture!!

Monday, March 08, 2004

presidential level 

well, im finding some time to do some blogs, i guess its feast or famine with me huh?? Anyways, today was quite and interesting day. I mean I worked on a flash project for some research a professor and i are doing. Then I went to a technology-fee committee meeting. I'm still wiping away the tears..

Then in class we talked about this theorist named Fritz Perls. We actually watched a video of this guy. Wow!! It really made my day to see this eccentric piece. For those of you that dont know he was the "founder" of Gestalt therapy. His technique was very interesting...Effective, not really, but interesting...

So as i traverse through the terra nova i stop to enjoy the proverbial flowers. Dont you just love the birthing of spring??

Thursday, March 04, 2004

96 gon' be that year 

Not to much happened today, I just went to work and picked up the wifey from school. Now Im at home and Im actually blogging. It comes and goes. But mostly it goes. I was checking out some rides online for when i become a millionaire. I think I finally settled on the Aston Martin Vanquish. But Im still not sure. What do you think?? It doesn't matter because I dont have a place for comments. Oh Well..

Until next time. Cheers A'ight Boyeeeeeeee!! Slap Ya!!

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

my boyeeeeeeeee 


I just recently added a new link called "my boyeee". Its dedicated to William Hung, the guy that is going to be the next pop sensation. He got mad game. anyways click on the link its up there to the top left. peace...

Tomb of the booom 


i have been spending most of my time in the basement. I just came up to tell everyone that Im not dead. Things here are swell. cliff just got back from surgery, he's recovering, but those of you out there who pray lift one up for the cliffer.

Me and the wife went to go see 50 First Dates, its pretty hilarious. I like adam sandler movies. they arent great but the whole idea is screw conventional movie making and do something people will get a short term laugh out of. People (critics) always hate on his ideas but the public begs to differ. So go see the movie and eat some popcorn and don't give yourself a headache trying to read into anything to much.

The semester is racing along, we had break and now its about time for midterms. Other than that life is pretty boring around here. I have no doubts that it will be an eventful day today. I will go to school and I will go to work and then i will go to class and eat a cold supper because i always get home late on Wednesdays. joy..

cool......ooh...that's cool

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