Saturday, October 30, 2004

Yac attack 

Despite some of the difficulties that I have been going thru I have been nourished by the writings of a very interesting man. His name is Mike Yaconelli. Even though he is no longer here on this earth Im sure he's finding out how great it is in the great beyond. His writings help to make sense of the constant tempering of my soul that seems to be going on at this time.

Sometimes I get frustrated because I can not get an understanding of my circumstances. I feel emotionally disconnected from my faith and over burdened by the doings of life. Its nice to see someone who has been at this Christian thing for a while be so open and honest about faith and how it is always an arduous process. Here is a link to some of his articles. I hope you find them as inspiring and invaluable as I have.

Thursday, October 28, 2004


today is a boring day. Im still waiting on people to call me so i can get to work again. But other then that im just peachy keen.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

get busy!! 

you remember the Arsenio Hall show?? He used to tell us to "get busy" and the audience would start barking and go nuts. What a country!
Anyways I have been job shopping again. I am getting really good at interviewing. I wish I could have a job just doing interviews all day. Now that would be fun!!! I mean its like every interview is pretty close to the same. Maybe companies would hire me to grade employers/human resource people on their interview giving skills.
Of course, I would have to interview for that position and that would be kind of weird becuase say their people were not good at giving interviews and I would not get hired for the job and I would write a really long boring blog about nothing...too late.

Friday, October 15, 2004

dead tired pt.2 

nothing like driving and working and working and driving to get you going for the week. I truly think I am going to have to see a psychologist after this trip. I am so out of it I feel beside myself. There are some people that can go without sleep and function properly. I am not one of those people. Im so tired now I can sleep standing up or with my eyes open. What a strange thing. Anyways just thought id like to share with whoever is reading how really really really really really really really really tired I am. Fish Fish.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

what makes love the exception? 

well it is late Sunday afternoon and we are getting ready for church and for some reason the weather change has made things kinda cool. I say kinda cool because to my friends up north cool means one thing and to us down here it means that the temperature dipped below 80 degrees. But either way it actually feels like a season change and i am thakful for that. I the last 3 days driving around Alabama and now I am glad to be home and with my wife. I cant wait to start school in the fall.

I am applying to go to school at the New Orleans Seminary. I never thought of myself being a seminary student because I am about as unorthodox in my thinking as it gets but perhaps there is some truth to the fact that there are certain tensions between the ideal life and how reality actually unfolds. See God has a plan but sometimes it doesnt mesh to preconceived notions of orthodoxy (or should i say man's notions of orthodoxy) and then that is when we are thrown for a loop, but faith true faith delves more deeply into the storm surge and becomes more solid in uncertain times. Uncertainty is not the enemy of orthodoxy it is the substance in which faith or things we believe about our faith can manifest itself and be found (or not found) as true.

Friday, October 08, 2004

dead tired 

i think i have only slept like 7 hours in like 3 days. I got to visit with my boy Troy today. He lives in Montgomery and works for Guidant Corporation. It is always good to see old firends and laugh at how time flies. I think I feel like im getting old but it will pass by tommorow morning. I have been away from home since wednesday and it feels like its been months. I really miss my wife. I think I will go to bed now. Ill tell you guys a funny story later this week I promise.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

BBC 1...BBC2...BBC3...BBC4...BBC peace! 

well i am sitting waiting for a call from a friend trying to see when im going to be headed to Alabama. Im waiting for him so i can plan my next week. Its so weird how that happens huh? One thing happens in a few seconds and it completely changes your week. Wow! n-e-hoo things here are okay, i am really ready to head back to school in the spring (God willing) and get on rolling in completing my counseling degree. I am ready to make some money with my new jobby job too.

I have been having stomach problems as of late. I just have too much nerves or something. I cant ever seem to calm down. Im trying to take Valerian root so maybe that will take effect and i can feel better because i always have heartburn. Even if I dont eat I get it. To much anxiety for no good reasons. I guess its good im getting my degree in counseling at least i can counsel myself for free. That would be weird.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

im so done 

well my brain has finally decided to take a long trip down to Costa Rica. Its not coming back for a week. true story... When my brain decides to leave it leaves. And I have nothing home to make any meaningful decisions so i just lay down all week until it decides to come back. So im going to go to bed because Im burnt out. Yes I am done...

Friday, October 01, 2004


Since its friday I thought I'd have a little fun and go back, way back, in time and talk about a friday in my senior year in high school. I was in economics class and if you remember anything about economics class in high school you remember that it was the lamest class ever invented. Anyways our teacher wanted to make economics "fun" so she assigned us the task of making economics board games to share with the class on friday.

I partnered up with the a buddy of mine who is no doubt the funniest person I have ever met in my life, and we had two weeks to make the best economics board game ever. We spent about 9 days thinking about the title. Then it came to us... "Losbternomics!" What it had to do with economics we had no clue but the name was aweeeesome. I think we made the board before school started the day it was due and i even think we were finishing the playing cards in class while other people were presenting their games.

Anyways the object of the game was to get around the board once. We spent more time drawing the lobsters then we did on the concept of the game. We took 15 definitions out of the back of the book and made question cards out of them and the other 125 cards were wild cards that said things like "go two spaces back lobsterface" and "Lobster Attack get two free spaces lobsterboyeeeeee". It was the best game ever. Our presentation was more like improv standup and we made lots of lobster pincher jokes and talked about lobster folklore. People just stared at us and couldn't believe that seniors in an Honors Economics class would dare to come up with something so bad(It was really, really bad). We pulled it off though and made economics fun!! And yes we got an A-.

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