Wednesday, March 23, 2005

and the ice thaws... 

jeez i feel like i have been frozen in some kind of cryogenic state for 1.75 months and havent been able to blog. Well it is spring break here and it is not really much of the spring break that i hoped it would be. I have to work like everyday this week so it has been boring. Except for the Shark Attack movie on CBS, my nights have just been a blurry boring extension of my days. Oh well, i guess we all have to find purpose in the mundane don't we??

I have to start on my research project for my ethics class and i am picking the subject of euthanasia/right to die. I actually picked it out before this big debate about the lady in Florida or Georgia or wherever she is. I have a hard time trying to pin down my beliefs on this subject, hence the choice for my paper.

My friend Will made it in to grad school at Yale. I just thought I'd share that with the 3.15 people that read my blog. He is quite a bright fellow and he doesn't have his head in the clouds like most intellectuals ive met.
I don't have to much more to say except to all the threefifteeners out there "Keep Your head up!!!"


Tuesday, March 01, 2005

waves of grace 

wow. another long period between blogs. Have you ever been to the beach? I have been quite a bit and everytime I feel overwhelmingly insignificant when i go. I mean when you are in the knee deep water it is not so bad. But when you go out further, like when the sand is no longer safely under you, your become at mercy to the power of the waves. The water swells and you find yourself drifting and weightless. I used to be really afraid of the deep. I hated being outta control. Moving to campus has been a lot like that for Kimberly and me. We feel at times we are in way over our heads that the waves are too deep to navigate. Back at the beach I would hate being in deep water, but then i just calmed down and let the waves do all the work. I would float and then the waves didnt seemed so intimidating. Trust me it seems like the waves are huge in my life. I feel like I am out to sea, but God's grace in the tempest is what gives me hope and helps me to remain calm. I just sit back and redeem the moment and ride the waves of grace.

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