Saturday, April 30, 2005

singing in the rain... 

em·bar·rassed, em·bar·rass·ing, em·bar·rass·es---
To cause to feel self-conscious or ill at ease; disconcert.
To involve in or hamper with financial difficulties.
To hinder with obstacles or difficulties; impede.
To complicate.
To interfere with (a bodily function) or impede the function of (a body part).

It has been coming down here all morning. Anyways, when it rains here campus floods bad. Its so bad you usually have to jump across a creek that forms in the parking lot. Its one of those bodies of water that just creates embarrassing(see def. above) moments. Its just big enough across to where you cant really step over it, but its also too small to take a running start at it.
I mean if you take a running start youll look like a tool and plus if you jump hard youll run the risk of busting it on the wet pavement or landing so hard that you will get realy wet anyways so you might as well have walked across it (or jumped in a pool).
So there I am this morning forced to do the put-leg-way-out-split-goofy-tip-toe-on the-other-edge-of-the-water-while-your-shoes-get-soaked type thing and ended up looking really dumb in the process. My pantsees legs got all wet and I think I pulled my groin muscle trying to stretch over that last bit(i didnt even get close, its hard when your 5'7"...okay 5'6 1/2")It was even harder with a book bag and an umbrella. To add insult to injury I left the windows down on the White Ghost!! Oh Nooooooooo!!! Now the inside might start to smell all mildewee and stuff. Well Hopefully we can let it air out in the garage. Wait we dont have one. But I hope you and the other 20 apartments facing the parking lot got a good laugh...

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

baby steps to the door 

i wish i was playing golf right now. today is beee you tiff uhl!! It really is!! Anyways today is pretty boring. I have to finish some work and some project and then i can relax for the weekend but then i have to get crunk the next two weeks for finals. well im gonna bounce.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

three in one!! 

aren't you guys out there lucky. I have blogged you three times in one day. Must mean i have been on the computer quite profusely. Anyways I just wanted to give a shoutout to all the peeps at club315; Slyvy, Whytemike, Kentopolis and all you others!! have a great evening and ,to those of you out there who watch the show, in case you dont see me good aternoon good evening and good night!!

128 Katies 

With finals going on... So funny i had to share. RAMPAGE!!

no food or drink in the classroom 

I was thinking about my high school daze. I guess its been on my mind since i have my 10 year reunion this year. I don't know what to think about that. I mean I don't feel that much older, but I do feel like Im light years away sometimes. I mean its funny that how the same problems we fought with in highschool still creep up on us today. Whether it's feeling bossed around by our parents or insecurities we have about how we look every once and a while these things just remind us of how far we haven't come. But then when I look at myself in the mirror, i see the change;gray hair, fatty mcfat belly, wrinkles. Ha, Im acting like im 89. Anyways I guess I better go take my dentures out and soak them before I get really depressed. out...

Monday, April 25, 2005

tyranny of the shoulds... 

i am facing my end-of-the-term meltdown. I have a bad stomach ache(probably an ulcer) and an even worse headache(probably a sinus infection). I am trying to finish a paper-obviously not at the second, cuz im blogging. I should be finishing my Ethics CD-ROM but it is like a million hours long and ive only worked on it for 2(due thursday by the way). Then i have my Art of COunseling workbook due thursday.I dont like typing about this stuff it is giving me a poop-ache.
So ill change the subject. Im really stoked about the new star-wars movie coming out. Im so stoked im getting pretty dizzy right now so i might faint in the compooter lab, or it might be the fact that i havent eaten lunch and its 3:15. What 3:15 HOW LUCKY IS THAT!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2005


i like saturdays, but today i have to work at the library all day long. So since i am here and can't be outside i will be sad. Today is so beautiful too!! Its like the most sunniest springtimey super sanitized day ever. If today were a fast food chain it would be cane's.

Friday, April 22, 2005

the blessing of speed 

no im not talking about drugs... I have been going to the compooter lab for like 5 weeks now and just today i went to a different room. There are good computers in the different rooms!!!! Holy Cadillacs!!! I have been working on these ridiculously slow computers and i have just loathed coming to the compooter lab to do stuff but these are actually decent and i can now watch homestarrunner!!! Im so happy, who knew we would have good compooter labs?? Who knew?!?!? Who knew?!!? Im so happy i could blog about it!!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

keep 'em coming 

Shakespeare said brevity was the soul of wit, but id have to disagree. I think that one can be funny if they can stand shelling out as many quips as one can in as short time as possible. Like today. A lot of my jokes were falling onto dead(deaf?) ears, but every once and a while a good one hits and there... Ahhh it was sooooo worth it. But then you have those instances where haters will LOUD CAP you in the middle of class(holler if you hear me Richmond) and get all up in your cool-aid.

As you can tell by the preceding paragraph I was trying really hard to put in a bunch of stupid jokes and hoping one of them would hit. If none of them has even made you smile then just click here, and laugh at the poor kid... at least he's funny.

Monday, April 18, 2005

return of the white ghost!! 

well its officially here. The white Ghost is in the hizzzouse!!! I am glad that 10+ hour trip is over. My car is really off the heazie. It comes from the line of Oldsmobile big-bodies, even though this one is not nearly as big as back in the day. When i get real rich im gonna get a real big-body and drive it 'round town on three wheels. Then my wife will laugh at me and tell me to sell it or she'll force me to watch Gilmore Girls seasons one, two and three every day until im 80, or that other crappy sitcom with Amanda Vines.

Anyways if i dont blog much in the next few weeks it will be because im washing/detailing my car or probably just sitting next to it looking cool. All the people will be like "ooh, whos that bad dude with the crazy white 93 Cutlass??? I wish he was my babay..." and stuff like that. Well i better go before someone on campus tries to steal my tapedeck.

Monday, April 11, 2005


it looks like it might rain tonite. I hope it doesn't because i have to walk home. I have a paper due on thursday but Im probably gonna be done with my rough draft tonite. SO thats real gravy. I would like to try and work at a psych hospital this summer, first for some experience and second so i can make more than minimum wage. I mean i am really grateful for my library job, but whatever... This weekend I am going to Texas and Im really stoked.
We are getting a used car from there, actually my folks hooked us up so i am really thrilled about that. I think I will call the car the "white ghost". That used to be my pick-up basketball nickname in high school. (It was a sarcastic name, but i like it.)Okay Im dumb. out...

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

last of the mohicans 

this weekend i had a mohawk. My wife was cutting my hair and she left it as a mohawk and we both kinda liked it so i kept it until yesterday. I loved it, but I decided that it probably wasnt so professional since i am in the graduate program. It was kinda cool to see people's reactions. Most peeps actually liked it!!! My wife liked it, but i ended up shaving it off. Now i just have a scary bald-biker look. Oh well. At least it's a lot cooler and easier to style this way.

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