Thursday, May 19, 2005

on the road 

well this weekend the wifey and i are taking the show on the road. We are meeting up with the club 315ers (oh yeah we are going to some wedding too. pthbbt!!==noise you make when you put your tongue between your lips and blow) Yeah, I am excited to see how the ol' BCMers are doing, and it will be a fun filled trip, but im mostly excited to see my clubmates. Im really glad that Slyvy and his Family Soph are moving on up (to the South by Southwest, but its really west by west by south... side DOH?!?) yeah so we will leave tommorow and make it in time to mess up the BCMers rehearsal and then order two really expensive plates at the rehearsal dinner and then say that we arent really that hungry because we ate McDonalds right before we got there and then ask if we can say something about the couple that is getting married and say something like "I was gonna say something nice and/or funny, but I dont really like to make stuff up so i guess ill sit down.PTHBBT!!" then we will run outta the room, and order some munchalotas...to go... with extra expensive sauce... and im tired...(I dare you to read that part over again in a Storngbad voice, youll be laugh you did!!

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