Thursday, May 26, 2005

Remember me? 

I have had a good week this week. It had started off a little rough. (well i consider this past weekend to be the beginning of the week) I was at a wedding, the operative word is at because I certainly was not IN the wedding. i mean i was in the program and i was supposed to be an usher, but really i was sweating real hard on the side while everybody else had their part. Oh well, I got to see my clubmates and that was well worth it. While we were there i stumbled upon the Gorillaz (sp?) anyways it was kind of a little groovy, so i have been listening via yahoo radio since i dont have an ipod or anything trendy. (but i do drink coffee only for the sake of being trendy)

I have been learning the art of patience thru my new job. It is funny how many of us try and zoom our way thru the days (hoping for 5:00), but in my job that kind of thinking will drive you crazy. See you really have to relish the minutes or you will find yourself feeling trapped. I think in that same way we should see life. I mean if we are so far off in the future or trying to rush we might really miss the goodies that God has sitting right in front of our faces... Be still...

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